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The Nightside Chronicles, part 1: INARBORAT (2007)

One of my first own experiences with a proper recording setup and mixing/mastering has been INARBORAT. When I met Miserere, the mastermind behind the band, for the first time we initially connected with each other’s musical approach and taste. Quite immediately we started to jam around some of his riffs, and recorded the „Wisdom Sans Words“ demo live on a tape recorder (!), just like hundreds of bands did in the early Nineties. A couple of months later we found ourselves back in my emptied living room to record what was to become the self-titled debut album. I guess it was summer, the year 2007.
Listening to the record today, I sense a lot of carefree spirit of a late youth (well, to me it was later than to Miserere) and first of all: atmosphere. We didn’t have that much professional equipment, no soundproof recording room and few ideas of how to properly mix black metal. Still, the album already contains almost everything that is important for the idea behind Nightside Audio today, 13 years later – tradition, feeling, honesty, genuinity, individuality, darkness. Given that, „Inarborat“ – soundwise – may accidentally be the first manifestation of the Nightside spirit.
I’m curious about your thoughts on this.

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