Customized audio production for black and other extreme metal

The lost/last three years

It can’t be true it has been 3 full years since I last updated this page. Covid has only been one of the reasons I didn’t do it earlier. Mainly, I was focussed on working with music. And oh, that’s what I did a lot.

Please check out the „reference“ page if you’re curious what I was doing during 2020, 2021, 2023 and also with some stuff that you can expect in 2024. Just a few names: TROLL, EIS, MINAS MORGUL, PLUTONYAN, NATTEHIMMEL, OLD FOREST, MAAHES, RIMMERSGARD and many more.

Expect some truly fantastic stuff in 2024. And as it’s the beginning of the year, time for some good intents: I’ll try to update this more regularly, promised.

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