Customized audio production for black and other extreme metal

About Nightside Audio

NIGHTSIDE AUDIO’s services include setting up recording environments, tracking, mixing and mastering extreme music. I have 20 years of experience with playing, recording and generally producing all kinds of metal-related instruments.

About the Nightspirit

Music is passion. Music is emotion.
At least this goes for the music I love to create, and that is mainly black metal – the 90s kind of black metal, with lots of individualism, nightsky atmosphere, the one that gives you instant chills.

NIGHTSIDE AUDIO has the aim to help like-minded black (and other extreme metal) artists to fully realize their potential and to create touching records. I’m not offering off-the-rack mixes, I’m not willing to create plastic productions with no charme at all and I’m not here to surrender to the Zeitgeist.

About times before the light

I was born in 1980. My first contact with black metal has been – ironically – during Christmas, the year 1994. I remember that one of my gifts was a computer game, and it was delivered by one of the then few German mailorders. This specific one also sold music and merch, and they added a free CD sampler called „Identity!?“ and a catalogue with their available items. Track 14 was a song called „Baphomet’s Throne“ by a Swiss band called SAMAEL. This track literally changed my life.

Now, almost 30 years later, I see myself starting a new artistic endeavour with NIGHTSIDE AUDIO, adding another chapter to my capricious history with black metal.

A lot happened in between. When I was 17 I convinced a friend that it would be a cool idea to start something like a band, mainly because I loved SUMMONING so much. Four years later ENID had released a demo, a mini LP and two albums. On none of them I was able to compose or properly play an instrument. On the third album I eventually played guitar for the first time on a record.

In the years after, I took part in various bands and projects, on various instruments, and could collect plenty of experience with sound production. Some of the names linked to the past 25 years are EISMALSOTT, ENID, FALKENBACH, FERNDAL, FUNERAL PROCESSION, GEIST, HILDR VALKYRIE, INARBORAT, LANTLÔS, MINAS MORGUL, NAXEN, PLUTOYAN and EIS of course.

Since the start of Nightside Audio, I was honoured to work with so many gifted, talented, well-known but also new coming artists. Check the „reference“ page – you’ll find names like TROLL, MINAS MORGUL, NATTEHIMMEL, OLD FOREST, HERBSTLETHARGIE, AGASCH, SURTALOG, MPAK, TRISTE TAGE and many more.